PRANA Glamour - Gold

PRANA Glamour - Gold

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An explosion of floral aromas

Jar Type: Gold
Height: 8.0cm
Width: 7.3cm
Wax: Complete eco friendly, 100% natural soy wax without any additives
Wick: CDN pure cotton wick with paper core and paper braid
Approximate burn time: ​25 to 40 hours

Fragrance Description:
French Lavender: Sweet and floral fresh scent of French Lavender.
Black Jasmine, Truffle & Lavender: Exotic fragrance of Jasmine, Lavender, Incense, Black Truffle and spicy Star Anise.
Damask Rosiness: Sandalwood, Damask rose and coconut cream notes. This is a sexy and sophisticated scent. Dry, woodsy top notes of sandalwood with intermingling notes of coconut and a middle note of rosiness.
Angel's Trumpets: Gorgeous Daytura (Angel’s trumpets) super-fragrant floral, so intense, so distinctive.
Black Orchid: Gorgeous exotic, sensual black orchid notes on a subtle base note of sandalwood.
Gardenia: White Gardenia representing a royal aroma with a subtle base note of sandalwood.
Marigold: Fresh flowery marigold scent to fill your home and subtle notes of sandalwood.
Oriental Lily: Aromatically fragrant and sweet Oriental Lily scent.
Pink Peony: Heavenly romantic pink peony fragrance.

White Water Lily: Crisp, energetic, refreshing white water lily aroma.


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