PRANA Vibrant - Gold

PRANA Vibrant - Gold

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Vibrant and frooty with a satisfying juiciness

Jar Type: Gold
Height: 9.7cm
Width: 7.3cm
Wax: Complete eco friendly, 100% natural soy wax without any additives
Wick: Flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads. Lead & Zinc free
Approximate burn time: 45 to 60 hours


Fragrance Description:
Pomegranate: Fresh fruity mouth watering pomegranate with top notes of fresh floral, pomegranate, grape, citrus, sweet strawberry and muguet. the sweet sultry creamy honey blended with soft milk and vanilla bean undertones.
Green Apples: Crisp granny smith apples, blended with citrus and soft peach creating a fruity floral tone. With a soft musk undertone.
Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus Citriodora boasting of fresh lemony aroma which is uplifting and cleansing; and a base note of Jasmine.
Juicy Mango: Sweet, tropical mango. With notes of pineapple, grapefruit, plumeria and peach. Top notes of fresh lime and base notes of fresh coconut cream.

Almonds: Fresh, true almond aroma.


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