PRANA - All Things Tasty

PRANA - All Things Tasty

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Tickle your nose with our tasty collection of scented candles

Jar Type: Clear 
Height:​ 6.8cm
Width:​ 5.5cm
Wax: Complete eco friendly, 100% natural soy wax without any additives​
Wick: CDN pure cotton wick with paper core and paper braid
Approximate burn time: ​10 hours


Fragrance Description:
Espresso: Strong freshly roasted coffee beans aroma.
Brandy: It smells warm, spicy, and smooth - just like a sip tastes as it warms your soul.
Light Happiness: Aroma of carbonated Coca Cola. Now you can light happiness with this Coca Cola inspired candle.
Earl Grey Tree: Earthy, spicy, smooth and delicious early grey tree fragrance.
Piña Colada: Love Pina Colada? This one is for you! Bring the resort into your home for a relaxing holiday feel with this candle.
Peppermint: Very crisp, clean, true peppermint scent.
Chocolate: If you love chocolate then this is the one for you. Delicious and mouth watering milk chocolate aroma with base notes of sweet honey, and creamy vanilla.
Lemonade: Very true to the sparkly lemony, mouth-watering tones of SPRITE" lemonade.


Want a custom made PRANA candle with your choice of Jar and Fragrance? 

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